terms and conditions

Insurance: all children enrolled in activities with Action Sport are insured by Action Sport and remain under the responsibility of the non-profit association for the duration of the activities.

Leaving the premises: A written parental authorisation will be required if the child has to leave the premises without being accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Refunds: only upon presentation of a medical certificate. If the child does not have a medical certificate, Action Sport will provide a voucher for a future course in proportion to the number of days of absence.

Photography/video: Action Sport may take photographs or videos of your children during sports activities and use them in all communication materials without limit of time or location. If you do not want your child to be photographed or videoed during his/her activities, please send a letter stating your lack of consent on the first day of the activity.

Loss and theft: Action Sport declines all responsibility in the case of loss, theft or damage to personal items.

Cancellation: Action Sport reserves the right to cancel an activity if the conditions of the organisation are not met (a minimum number of participants, weather conditions ...). If an activity has to be cancelled for a reason beyond our control, it will be refunded or replaced by an activity as close as possible to the original.

Prices: the prices shown on this site are given as an indication only. They are subject to change.

Action Sport reserves the right to change the group or the activities of a child who is not in the correct age band or who cannot "keep up with" their group.

The registration is valid only after the total amount for the course has been paid for. We reserve the right to refuse a registration.
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