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Bernard Ferreyra, the founder of Action Sport, and his team have been offering many different services since 1993: holiday courses, extracurricular activities, birthday parties, team building events, etc.

In addition to the numerous sports programs, the team offers a set of creative activities that range from the art of performance and theatre to cooking. The purpose of the non-profit organisation is to evolve alongside you in order to continually offer new activities adapted to your requests.

To help you progress, Action Sport has developed partnerships with specialist sports clubs in order to offer professional and adapted learning in sports such as tennis, horse riding, swimming, football and scuba diving.

Action Sport places special emphasis on coaching standards, the quality of equipment, as well as our dynamic and comprehensive sports program. Cooperation, team spirit and the pleasure of taking part are essential objectives for us.

Action Sport is accredited by the Birth and early Childhood agency (ONE).

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